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Working on Computers since 1992

In 1992 the first “usable” Windows Version saw the light of the day: Windows 3.1.

It came to the customer on 12x 3.5″ Floppy disk with a capacity of 1.44MB(!) each. Time changes…….. We are working on computer since then and we take every chance to learn in the world of Computer.

We also work on Macintosh Computers and even Linux is a very well Operating System for us. Update is a very important process in the computer world, but also very important for us as our computer technicians also need Updates. We assure you, we are always up-to-date to serve you with our knowledge.

Safe Remote Connections

Thank you to fast Internet we provide the opputunity to fix your Computer / Laptop remotely. You do not have to leave the house or your office and bring us your device. We use a very safe software to connect to you computer, every connection is password protected and can only be allowed by you, the user. You have also the “Power” to interrupt this connection at any time. We guarantee our remote work on your computer and provide you any detail you like to know. Try it and book an appointment with a click on this button.

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 We’re confident that we are the only computer support company / IT business in Hope and Area that provides these benefits to you.


More then 25 Years in the Computer Business in different countries of this world. We think this is impressive. And we are not afraid of any new challenges. Test us, you will not be disappointed.

Remote Fixing

Over 70% of all Computer / Laptop problems can be fixed remotely. We are prepared to do so and we do it every day with Computers of our international Customers around the World.


Our work is from High Quality and so are the parts we use to repair your computer. We refuse to use “cheap” parts so you will be happy with our work and tell your friends about us.


We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved. After we receive your request, we will take care of the problem. And when you’re dead in the water, we respond – FAST.

Our statistics so far

  • 1115 Repaired computers
  • 3077 Remote Sessions
  • 7210 Recovered data files
  • 7657 Replaced parts
  • 4858 Repaired laptops

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

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