Battery Replacement

Batteries in portable devices keep you working, even in remote areas without power plug.

The lifetime of batteries in portable devices is limited and it depends on your care for these little power packs.

More and more Laptops come with a “build-in” Lithium Battery and you need sometimes special Tools to replace them. We, at KroppShop, are equipped with every tool to check and, if necessary, to replace the battery in your device.

And, surprise, it is often cheaper as you think….

Tips for a long lifetime of your battery:

  1. Activate battery saver mode.
  2. Unplugged unused peripherals.
  3. Keep your laptop out of hot and cold. …
  4. Have enough RAM.
  5. Don’t keep your laptop plugged in.
  6. Turn down screen brightness.
  7. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, when not needed.

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